Abernethy House

Originally built in the early 1900’s, this house has sat perched on a stunning hill top site overlooking Wellington harbour for a century. In that time the house has undergone numerous alterations which have maintained its integrity but left it a patch-work of styles and in need of some re-imagining.

The project brief called for a new modern kitchen as well as addressing issues with the family room, a shortage of garage space, connection to the external courtyard and some unsuccessful external additions.

The revitalised open plan kitchen and family room is the heart of this home. Additions to this space, complete with new timber joinery have replaced previous, less successful pop-out additions. This has given the house a more cohesive external appearance and has created a versatile internal space which has regained a view of the harbour.

The family room is now strongly connected to a redesigned external courtyard. The courtyard, which contains a new outdoor fire and pergola, has been carefully integrated with an extension to the garage and the loft space above it to provide a pleasant, sheltered outdoor living area.


Abernethy House


Additions-Alterations, Residential