Alpha Apartments

The new Alpha Apartment complex currently under construction in Wellington meets the criteria of ‘design excellence’. It provides high quality inner city apartments with a ground floor that is envisaged as a vibrant and interactive café.

Alpha Apartments will provide a high level of internal and external building functionality and amenity. Circulation is efficient each floor has its own lobby and with only four apartments per floor the building will have a very boutique neighbourly feel.

This is a building that is exhibits three dimensional articulation of building form to reduce the visual impact of the building, mitigate wind effects and create a strong architectural identity. Cantilevered decks extend over the pavement and engage with the surrounding area. The roof has been designed to include two cut outs that frame the sky above and create a unique and distinctive corner to the building.

Alpha Apartments is a high quality apartment building that provides the very best possible outcome for this site and for Wellington cities wider urban context.


Alpha Apartments


Multi-Unit Housing, Residential


Under Construction