Clyde Quay Townhouses

This project involved the design and construction of two adjoining three level residential dwellings on a steep north facing site above Wellington’s Clyde Quay boat harbour. The site was particularly challenging both from an engineering and design perspective.

The houses have been designed to respond to the topography of the site and its wider context, referencing the scale, form and character of the existing houses in the Mt Victoria area, utilising these patterns to articulate the form as a visual cluster of buildings.

Materiality and façade articulation have been designed to withstand the exposed nature of the site and as a contemporary interpretation of the historic characteristics seen in surrounding neighbourhood, responding to the unique qualities and sense of place recognised in the Mt Victoria character area.

The houses and their exterior spaces have been orientated to maximise sunlight, views, and privacy while also providing visual and physical amenity.

The strong uncomplicated form heightens the experience of the site giving the feeling of being close to the elements while enabling protection from them at the same time, creating a sense of shelter in close connection with its environment.


Clyde Quay Townhouses


Multi-Unit Housing, New Houses, Residential

Photos by

Paul McCredie

Town Planner

Urban Perspectives

Structural Engineer

Clendon Burns & Park Ltd


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