Cook House

Set on undulating sand dunes in Peka Peka this house sits positively within its challenging landscape and environment.

The brief called for a contemporary home that reflected the essence of a beach house, responded to the site, is enjoyable to live in, and that can cater for extended family and friends.

The house comprises of two primary forms set perpendicular to each other that extend out from the sand dunes to accommodate the owner’s day to day living. Large open plan areas, both internally and externally, interconnect to provide spaces where various functions can occur independently but also remain connected. Bedroom spaces are more discrete providing sheltered and restful areas removed from the open plan environment.

Designed as a series of solid and transparent elements, the house maintains privacy from neighbouring properties and creates a focus towards the water and Kapiti Island beyond. When approaching the house the walls are intentionally solid, extending out of the land providing privacy and shelter. Beyond this facade solidity gives way to transparency. Living spaces and bedrooms open out to the sand dunes maximising sun, privacy and views from all areas of the house.

The use of materials is simple but deliberate, chosen to reflect the buildings beach house origins and the nature of the site.


Cook House


Baches, New Houses, Residential