Masina Apartments

The Masina Apartment project involves the development of a new retail and apartment complex on a prominent corner site in Newtown, Wellington. Located on the fringe of Wellington city and bordering residential properties it was important that the new building reflect its function and also interface with the scale, language and varied neighbouring context.

The design is inherently contemporary but provides subtle references back to its surrounding residential and commercial architecture through use of form and materials. The building has been articulated to create a sense of scale that allows it to be considered as a whole as well as in part and creates a strong and coherent design response that will have a positive contribution to the existing diverse character of Newtown. A metal screen designed by a local artist featured on the corner facade adds a level of importance and texture that will further enhance this effect and make the building truly unique to Newtown.

While acknowledging the historical character of the area the proposal helps to establish a new contemporary character that maintains a connection with its surrounding context but also sets a framework for the future.


Masina Apartments


Commercial, Multi-Unit Housing, Residential