Naenae Train Station

The original Naenae Railway Station was built in the 1940s, linked to the new Naenae town being designed along Garden City principles by Ernst Plischke.

Sixty-five years on, Naenae was struggling more than had been hoped and the station building had fallen into disrepair. Its new owners, Greater Wellington Regional Council, realised the building was beyond saving and commissioned Aurecon to upgrade the building and platform. Aurecon approached Novak+Middleton to undertake the design of the new station building.

The original station featured a shallow ‘W’ shaped roof with rail iron columns supporting the wide eaves for sheltering passengers. Novak+Middleton proposed to accentuate the modernist ‘W’, staying with the language of the rail iron supporting columns and extending this to the building’s central bay. Consultation with Hutt City Council and Ian Bowman endorsed this approach.

The rail irons used on the project were salvaged from the rail network stores, as were ironbark battens from traction poles, used to clad the services pod on the platform. Perforated wind screens feature local imagery.

The opening was a community affair, with local people enthusiastic about their new station.


Naenae Train Station