Pavement Coffee Cart

Fun, delicious and distinctly urban, Pavement Coffee is designed as an invigorator for street corners and left over city spaces. It is equally at home as a temporary gap filler or an object in a forecourt or building lobby. It will thrive in high traffic pedestrian areas, at the beach or in a car park.

In today’s highly competitive coffee market, Pavement Coffee is designed to fit into spaces in city centres which are not generating income. It is economically constructed and intended for startup operators who have energy, style and enthusiasm, and are seeking to own and run their own business.

Pavement Coffee is a fully transportable espresso bar that can be easily hooked up and loaded onto a truck to deliver it to new locations, as markets change, cities develop and to suit the seasons. It is a plug in module that is ready to go, requiring power and water connections. Future models will come with optional photovoltaic panels and wind turbines to make them self-sufficient.

The brief emphasized style, simplicity, great coffee and great service. At just 6.25m2 in area, this is a highly efficient, compact and clever business proposition. Watch out for Pavement Coffee, soon to be invigorating an urban street or beach near you.


Pavement Coffee Cart


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