Puahatanui House

Our clients own a very special prominent site overlooking the tidal wetlands of the Pauahatanui Inlet, north of Wellington.

As Architects, we felt a responsibility to tread lightly on the land. The house was designed to be long and low in the landscape, deliberately understated; it hovers over a grassy knoll, cantilevering out towards the view.Three large fireplaces and chimneys anchor the house and support the roof of an outdoor room. Dark stained cedar weatherboards contrasted with white soffits and flat roofs create a strong emphasis on the horizontal.

The understated design and intense attention to detail may just fulfill our ambition to create a work of architecture that embodies that elusive characteristic of timelessness.For our client, this is a relaxed and comfortable home that celebrates family and friends. A home that is designed to be well lived in.


Puahatanui House


New Houses, Residential