Revolucion Apartments

This project is located on the fringe of the Wellington CBD, at the interface between low rise commercial development and the residential character of Te Aro. The site acts as a transition between the central city and its surrounding residential properties.

The development consists of 100 apartments contained in four separate buildings.  Individual spaces are orientated around a large centrally located courtyard, creating a communal space that is used to facilitate interaction and allow a sense of community to develop within the complex.  The overall design of the development provides a strong contribution to its immediate and wider context.

Articulation of the building’s façade through use of cantilevered decks, expressed fins and strong shadow lines modulate the overall size and shape of the building envelope acting to reduce its visual scale. Through innovative design and the use of a range of materials the built form is seen as a series of individual elements rather than as a single whole.

Novak+Middleton were engaged to deliver the project from conception through to completion, leading the design team and coordinating all aspects of the project throughout.


Revolucion Apartments


Commercial, Multi-Unit Housing, Residential