Scorching Bay House

Located on a spectacular bush clad cliff-top site overlooking Wellington Harbour, this house has stunning views down Scorching Bay Beach and over Karaka Bay to the Harbour entrance.

This is a bespoke highly crafted house that was designed and built in a close partnership with a very creative and skilled builder and a client whose passion for design and enthusiasm infused every aspect of the project.

Conceived as family home that has the informality of a seaside bach, the house is an eclectic mix of new and recycled elements. Recycled Kauri, Black Rimu, 1000 year old Swamp Totara, old Iron Bark sleepers, Cedar and polished concrete blocks comprise a palette of materials that were selected for their rich natural characteristics and our clients love of timber.

The house utilises passive solar design with spaces planned around a central atrium with a large skylight. This skylight directs the suns energy to a three storey polished concrete wall which absorbs and re-radiates it long after the sun has set.

Designed to be well lived in by a family, in an informal and relaxed way, the house fits comfortably into the environment without drawing attention to itself.


Scorching Bay House


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