Vineyard House

Located on the outskirts of Carterton towards the Tararua’s and close to the Waingawa River is a very remote and stony site where our clients have established a vineyard.

Having thought about the house design for many years as they established their grapes and closely studied the works of early Modernist Architects, they commissioned a New Zealand contemporary modernist house.

This was to be a house to live with the landscape whilst they also worked on the vineyard. It was to be a house that supported listening to music (vinyl played on cool record players), reading, relaxing and the restoration of vintage Alfa Romeo cars.

The house is conceived as two rectangular pavilions arranged orthogonally with an insulated concrete spine wall. The house aligns with the rows of grapes and views to the Tararuas.

This is a passive solar house for an engineer that has designed his own energy systems. It is a sustainable house that can regulate its own internal environment.

The house has a regular modular grid of glue laminated timber beams and columns arranged at 3.6m centres. The beams extend to the north to support a large cantilevered roof that provide the required summer shading but allows the house to be warmed by the winter sun.

There are two covered outdoor rooms. The afternoon room has large operable cedar doors that can be adjusted to keep the wind out and provide shade. These spin on ‘car axles’ (from old Alfa Romeo’s).

This is a very New Zealand house that is at one with the environment. It is a relaxed informal house that is comfortable being private.

This is architecture that reflects our clients’ love of classic design. It is a home that we would aspire to be as timeless as a 1961 Alfa Spyder.


Vineyard House


New Houses, Residential


NZIA Wellington Architecture Awards Winner for Housing