Vodafone Retail Stores

The overall design concept works on the principle of…less is more.  The aesthetic is intentionally clean, simple and slick.  Elements are stripped back delivering information in an organised and easily understood format through creation of specific zones within the store. The shopfront is intentionally transparent and uncluttered allowing maximum visibility from the street.  A large red Vodafone ‘tongue’ extends from the verandah fascia into the store creating a strong connection between outside and the interior.

The layout is flexible and future-proofed.  The design incorporates development of a modular wall system allowing for seamless change out of displays with zero impact to store operation.  Centrally managed AV content allows new promotional messages to be showcased at the touch of a button,  facilitating clear and concise delivery of information, promoting the transition from browsing to decision making.  Mid-floor units create the heart of the store, generating a buzz around new products and encouraging customers to try out the live handsets and tablets.

The store has been designed to feel as open as possible with clear lines of sight across the store and to all zones.  The crisp, vibrant internal category signage has been themed consistently through all touch points of the store guiding shoppers to their area of need. Special attention has been given to the overall lighting design to create vibrancy and maximise the visual experience.

Different shopping missions take different lengths of time depending on the complexity of the task and the store has been designed to reflect this, creating defined sales and service zones within the one environment.  The fast track activities take place on the ground floor, with the more complex service tasks accommodated on the integrated mezzanine.  This creates a multi-paced store with a varying ambience throughout, delivering a dynamic, commercial shopping environment for the customer.


Vodafone Retail Stores