Worser Bay Apartment

This apartment development is located adjacent to Worser Bay beach with views across to Wellington Harbour and Baring Head. The neighbourhood consists of an eclectic mix of new houses and seaside cottages in various states of repair.

The brief called for an apartment that could function as a beach house as well as a home. It had to respond to the dramatic and variable environment, providing a sense of shelter but also a connection with the surrounding land and sea. The weather can vary from still clear days, when the harbour is like a mirror, to gale force winds and airborne salt spray that threaten anything that is not fixed down.

The building consists of a primary two storey form that accommodates the day-to-day living. Large open-plan areas, interconnected between the two levels, provide spaces where various functions can occur independently but remain connected. Bedroom spaces are sheltered and restful areas, removed from the open plan environment.

The walls to neighbouring properties are intentionally solid, providing privacy and shelter. Heavy iron bark wharf timbers, sourced from an old railway bridge, sail-cloth screens, and familiar porthole windows create a design that sits comfortably into its seaside environment.


Worser Bay Apartment


Multi-Unit Housing, New Houses, Residential